Mold Decontamination

Mold Decontamination

Mold poses a health hazard and can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. As soon as you see or smell mold, or notice water damage on walls or ceilings, contact us for professional mold remediation.

We are a team of certified trained professionals. As such, we know what products to use and when and with the latest equipment and techniques.

First Measures

Your health is our top priority. In case of mold contamination, we’ll make sure to respond in a timely manner. In the meantime, we recommend you do not attempt to remedy the problem yourself. If you can’t resist the urge to get started, proceed with care.

  • Open windows and doors to create sufficient ventilation.
  • Do not try and clean porous materials that are affected by mold.
  • Wear gloves, protective eyewear and a mask.
  • If you clean hard surfaces, do not mix cleaning products.

Mold Decontamination Process

Cleaning mold is not enough to get rid of the problem. Marcco Flood Restoration proceeds to a comprehensive mold remediation that includes physically removing contamination.

  • Identifying the source of moisture.
  • Evaluating mold growth.
  • Containing the damage so it doesn’t spread further.
  • Drying materials.
  • Removing affected materials (walls and flooring) and belongings.
  • Reconstructing if necessary.
  • Cleaning and treating contaminated furniture, appliances and other items.

Molds produce and release millions of spores that can be carried via air or water.

Mold Decontamination

We eliminate harmful contaminants and restore your property and possessions to pre-mold condition.

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