Smoke Damage

A residential or commercial fire is a difficult situation for any home or business owner. Unfortunately, the extent of the damage that a property receives doesn’t stop once the fire is put out. Smoke and soot linger long after the flames have been put out. Smoke and soot leave stains and odors that penetrate deep into carpet fibers, walls, and more. Without the help of a professional smoke odor removal team, your property will suffer extensive damage that will become a costly repair.

The complexity of property loss or destruction due to fire smoke damage is due to the unique behavior of smoke:

  • Dry smoke will impregnate porous surfaces.
  • Wet smoke (low temperature fires) leaves a thick residue.
  • Oil smoke stains and sticks to surfaces.

A professional smoke and fire remediation team will be able to find all of the hidden places that smoke and soot hide and make sure that your property is taken care of the right way.

Smoke Clean Up

Our team is advanced in smoke clean-up techniques and we are equipped to remove heavy smoke odor and extensive smoke damage. From air cleaners to ozone generators, we make sure that all traces of smoke are dealt with for your safety and comfort.

We promise our clients 100% satisfaction when it comes to the quality of work that we perform. Our team believes in honesty, integrity, and reliability. With Marcco Flood Restoration, you can be certain you are getting the best services:

  • Damage assessment.
  • Damaged items inventory.
  • Packing and storage of your belongings if necessary.
  • Securing of unaffected areas to prevent smoke contamination.
  • Thorough cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Wall / ceiling painting.

Commercial Smoke Cleanup

Anytime a commercial property experiences smoke or soot damage, it is extremely important to contact a professional smoke damage restoration company. Marcco Flood Restoration is certified and insured to handle the most devastating smoke damage situations. Smoke odor removal and soot cleanup are specialty areas for our technicians and we are proud to serve our community and neighbors.

If your business experiences smoke and soot damage and you need professional assistance, please contact our team right away. We understand that your business is your important livelihood and we want to limit the amount of downtown you face. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to get your business back into production as fast as possible.

First Steps

Provided the fire was not responsible for extensive or structural damage, you can do a few things until Marcco Flood Restoration crew arrives for smoke damage remediation.

  • Open doors and windows.
  • Turn off HVAC so smoke doesn’t travel through the vents.
  • Turn on ceiling fans (and portable fans if you have them).
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