24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services

Categories Of Water

The level of water damage restoration spends on many factors directly related to the extent of damage and the category of water.
  • Category 1: burst pipes – appliance supply lines – vertical rainwater

The water is clean at the releasing source where it does not pose a hazard if consumed. However, it may progressively become contaminated as it gets mixed with soils, debris from subflooring and particles from flood covering. Time and temperature promote microorganisms growth, so even if you know this is originally “clean water”, acting promptly is essential.

  • Category 2: washing machine – dishwasher – toilet overflow

The water has been contaminated to some level and is not safe for consumption. Again, time, temperature and contact with contaminants can quickly degrade category 2 water.

  • Category 3: sewage – river or stream flooding – standing water – toilet backflow

In this case, water is grossly unsanitary. Microbial growth is underway and ingestion can cause severe illness.

Water Damage Safety Measures

When facing flood and water damage, you can take emergency measures prior to Marcco Flood Restoration arrival. Always use extreme caution walking on wet and slippery floors. In case of Category 3 water damage, leave the premises, if possible, until we’ve performed cleanup and decontamination. Do not attempt cleaning yourself, or, if absolutely necessary, wear protective gear.
  • Turn off the water main (if not a weather flood).
  • Turn off the electricity for the affected room(s), if safe to do so.
  • Try and keep indoor temperature below 70°F to help prevent microbial growth.
  • Place foil or plastic below furniture legs to prevent rust or furniture stains on flooring.
  • Place draperies through coat hangers and hang them on the rod to prevent water circles.
  • Remove breakable items from items that will need to be moved.
  • Do not use a household vacuum as this may cause an electrical shock.
  • Try not to walk on wet carpeting as this may spread water to unaffected areas.

Water Damage Restoration Process

When flood and water damage occurs, there is no time to wait for insurance agents to arrive to conduct their assessment. Upon our arrival, we proceed to a precise and documented (with pictures) evaluation of the damage, inventory all personal items that are beyond repair and those that will need restoration.

Our crew of certified technicians will perform the flood and water damage restoration quickly and efficiently. Our expertise allows us to determine the appropriate water extraction method, and proceed to drying, dehumidifying and disinfecting when necessary.

Marcco Flood Restoration prides itself on offering a comprehensive service, including drywall, carpet and flooring replacement or refinishing.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services

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