The Benefit of Hiring a Restoration Contractor that has the License for Construction.

When a water or fire damage strikes your home, the damage is not always limited to just the water or fire cleanup. Your home or business might require replacement of drywall, windows, doors or roofing.  Sometimes the water damage or fire damage weakens the integrity of the structure and needs a construction contractor. Just dealing with the mess the disaster made, often returning the home back to normal, the project evolves from cleanup to restoration to reconstruction.

It’s an overwhelming undertaking that means searching, contacting, and coordinating a variety of multiple contractors.

For example, if a pipe in the second-floor bathroom bursts, and affects the kitchen directly below you will need…

A plumber to respond to the bathroom pipes.

A water restoration company to remove any standing water and dry the area between the kitchen ceiling and bathroom floor.

A mold remediation specialist if mold becomes an issue.

A building contractor to repair drywall, flooring, showers or cabinets that may have been damaged in the process.

So, as you can see, when water damage finds its way to your home it not only requires repairs, but a company that is skilled and licensed in restoration techniques that can bring your home back to normal again. The restoration company you choose should be a construction company that can handle the whole project to its completion.

One of the best things to do when you’re ready to bring in a professional home repair service is to find one that handles it all.

Here is the BENEFIT: You explain your project to just one person who then can take the information and relays it to the right people that can help – a one stop shop for everything you need.  This leads to the best outcome possible and sometimes that outcome will better meet the need of your family.

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