The Benefit of Hiring a Restoration Contractor that has the License for Construction.

When a water or fire damage strikes your home, the damage is not always limited to just the water or fire cleanup. Your home or business might require replacement of drywall, windows, doors or roofing.  Sometimes the water damage or fire damage weakens the integrity of the structure and needs a construction contractor. Just dealing […]


1) Mitigate Damage Now Your home policy requires that you do all you can to minimize further damage to your home.  This means the insurance company doesn’t want you to wait to begin emergency services.  Begin Mitigation Immediately with a licensed restoration contractor.  Waiting can have adverse consequence with the claim. 2) FILE THE CLAIM […]

Water Wicks and Travels

Water Damage From a Leak can be increased by wicking. Water can travel in the walls of your home undetected without special equipment. The video demonstrates the wicking process. This also is a fun activity with kids at a fast food restaurant… it creates a magic crawling worm, have fun with it. But remember, when […]

Water is Everywhere – What should I do?

No one expects to return from vacation to find a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen flooded with water. When water damge strikes the next steps matter. Water damage is a unique challenge. It’s not just about cleaning up the visible water but identifying the source, revealing hidden moisture, determining water quality, and restoring the property […]

Regulate to AVOID Water Damage

Avoid a flood in your home by testing your water regulator. The water regulator regulates the water pressure coming in from the city to a level that is safe for the plumbing in the home. If the water pressure gauge fails and allows a PSI over the safe level, the plumbing will be taxed and […]

Tip of the Iceberg – Hidden Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration: Hidden Water Damage When you were a small child, did you ever play Hide and Seek? If you did, you usually found small places to crawl into. Sometimes your hiding place was so good, your friends could not find you for long periods of time! Similar to your incredible hiding skills, water seems […]

Avoid Floods in You Home

Inspect appliance hoses and faucets. Make it a practice every year to check hoses leading to water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerator icemakers. You may also want to invest in a water leak monitoring and shut-off system that can alert you to any leakage issues. Immediately replace any hoses that have cracks or leaks, […]

Ask the Right Questions

For millions, the decision to invest in a condo makes perfect sense. This housing option gives you the best of both worlds. You also have two insurance policies working to protect your home… The HOA’s Master Insurance Policy and your personal Condo Insurance Policy. The HOA typically covers insuring all exterior structures. However, this can […]

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Keep Your El Cajon Home Restored From Water Damage

Of course you lock the doors at night. You leave the light on by the front door for more visibility. Every six months you check the batteries in the smoke detectors. You might even have an alarm system for added safety. But a simple plumbing leak might be putting your home and family at risk.  […]

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Water Damage Restoration After A Leaking Wine Fridge

For wine connoisseurs, proper wine storage is essential to insure their investment. For a causal wine drinker, an alternative fridge that keeps your whites and reds at the perfect temp can be an inexpensive luxury. Whether technically a wine refrigerator, a wine cooler, or an electrical wine cellar, all these devices perform an important service.  […]

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