The Benefit of Hiring a Restoration Contractor that has the License for Construction.

When a water or fire damage strikes your home, the damage is not always limited to just the water or fire cleanup. Your home or business might require replacement of drywall, windows, doors or roofing.  Sometimes the water damage or fire damage weakens the integrity of the structure and needs a construction contractor. Just dealing […]

Water is Everywhere – What should I do?

No one expects to return from vacation to find a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen flooded with water. When water damge strikes the next steps matter. Water damage is a unique challenge. It’s not just about cleaning up the visible water but identifying the source, revealing hidden moisture, determining water quality, and restoring the property […]

Regulate to AVOID Water Damage

Avoid a flood in your home by testing your water regulator. The water regulator regulates the water pressure coming in from the city to a level that is safe for the plumbing in the home. If the water pressure gauge fails and allows a PSI over the safe level, the plumbing will be taxed and […]

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Water Damage Restoration After A Leaking Wine Fridge

For wine connoisseurs, proper wine storage is essential to insure their investment. For a causal wine drinker, an alternative fridge that keeps your whites and reds at the perfect temp can be an inexpensive luxury. Whether technically a wine refrigerator, a wine cooler, or an electrical wine cellar, all these devices perform an important service.  […]

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California Sunshine And Water Damage Cleanup Cautions

Living in California, water life is a pretty normal thing. Between the beaches that are never far away, to the water parks and pools that are everywhere, dealing with water is a normal thing. However, even in the best kept San Diego homes, water damage can occur. It can happen from something as simple as […]

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