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Protecting Your Furnishings & Possessions.

Often restoration of fire damage, water damage, or a major mold problem requires professional pack out services.  This “Pack-Out Service” is sometimes necessary for protecting your furnishings and belongings.  We’ll take very good care of you & your things.

Contents Cleaning, Packout & Storage

Your personal property can be seriously harmed due to fires, smoke, and flooding. Major electronics, artwork, and furniture typically need a great deal of cleaning after a property disaster. Drying or scrubbing your property at home, more than likely, isn’t going to cut it. A professional cleaning that includes deodorization, drying, sanitizing, and refinishing is what your contents are going to need, and Marcco Flood Restoration has the quality of professionals that you want!

Ensure Your Contents Are In the Best Hands

Choose a Contents Cleaning Contractor Who Will Treat Your Items As Their Own

Your personal property is more than just “stuff” to us. We know that a lot of your property is valuable, fragile, and sentimental – and our team goes to great lengths to make sure it is protected and safe while in our care. Our crew will carefully wrap up and pack your fragile items. We will seal and label each box and document a very detailed inventory so that all your property is returned to you safely and timely.

Items that can be cleaned and restored will undergo a thorough cleaning process that’s safe for the items being cleaned. You won’t need to replace everything, and you can get back those meaninful items you just can’t lose. 

After a fire or flood disaster, it may take some time before your property is ready for your contents to be moved back in. Our team won’t simply packout and clean your property, we will store it in our secure facility until you are ready for it. When you are, our professional team will personally deliver your contents back to you.

Don’t trust just anyone to take care of your damaged contents. Marcco offers comprehensive contents cleaning services including  packout, cleaning, storage, and delivery of your items. We’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call.

Commercial Contents Cleaning & Storage

Marcco Flood Restoration takes pride in being able to provide contents cleaning and storage for large commercial properties as well as residential. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a company that is capable of cleaning and storing a large quantity of contents, but Marcco can! No matter how big or small your commercial property is, we can help!

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