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Restoration Projects

Water Damage Restoration

When possible, we prefer keeping the destruction to a minimum. Our equipments allows cavity drying without taking down too much drywall, if any.

This is unfortunately not always possible. If the material has been soaked, drying will not be sufficient. We replace drywall (and paint it), tiles or carpeting. Whatever water has damaged, we clean, dry and restore.

Mold Decontamination

The tricky thing with mold decontamination is to make sure it is completely removed. Cleaning is not enough and covering with paint, albeit allegedly sealing paint, is not acceptable. When you start seeing mold on a surface, you can be certain there’s a lot more of it behind.

This bathroom got the full decontamination treatment and reconstruction to pre-mold condition: framing repair, new drywall, new tiles, new paint and the finishing touch: a new mirror.

Water Damage From a Broken Pipe

A pipe burst under a house with a raised foundation, requiring water extraction under the house, from a crawl space. We installed our drying equipment under the structure as well as inside the house. Once completely dry, we proceeded to restoring the hardwood floors to pristine condition.

Water Damage Restoration

When this bathroom flooded, we quickly got to work to contain the damage and dry the space as quickly as possible. We removed water damaged drywall, flooring, and insulation and used drying equipment to completely dry the affected areas. Once drying was complete, we returned the bathroom to its pre-loss condition.

Fire Reconstruction

A fire in this home resulted in a significant amount of damage and destruction. We completely reconstructed the home, removing all damaged materials and treating smoke and soot damage so we could start anew. After all the fire damage and smoke damage had been removed, we started the reconstruction process. When finished, our client had a beautiful new kitchen and living area in their home and no trace remained of the fire.

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