1) Mitigate Damage Now

Your home policy requires that you do all you can to minimize further damage to your home.  This means the insurance company doesn’t want you to wait to begin emergency services.  Begin Mitigation Immediately with a licensed restoration contractor.  Waiting can have adverse consequence with the claim.


When you file your insurance claim the claim goes directly through the insurance company’s Claims Department and not your agent. However, your agent will be made aware that your claim has been filed and will be able to offer additional assistance.

3) Adjuster Evaluates

A Field Adjuster will be assigned to your claim within 24 to 48 hours. The field adjuster’s job is to evaluate and assess your property damages.  Their assessment will help to determine coverage based on the “Terms of Your Policy.

4) Restoring Your Property

Your property will be restored to the terms for your policy.  Every policy is different.  Your adjuster will be able to explain the terms of your policy and coverage. We, as your licensed restoration contractor, will work with your adjuster to restore your property to its “Pre-Loss Condition.”

5) Claim Resolution

Your insurance company is responsible to pay the covered cost of repairs that exceed your “Out of Pocket” deductible.  Payments of covered repairs are most times issued directly to you, the insured.  Once you have received those payments, you are to forward them immediately to your restoration contractor.

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