Water Damage Restoration After A Leaking Wine Fridge

water damage restoration san diego, water damage cleanup san diego, water damage repair san diegoFor wine connoisseurs, proper wine storage is essential to insure their investment. For a causal wine drinker, an alternative fridge that keeps your whites and reds at the perfect temp can be an inexpensive luxury. Whether technically a wine refrigerator, a wine cooler, or an electrical wine cellar, all these devices perform an important service. 

Normal refrigerators have a sole purpose of cooling their contents down. A wine fridge, on the other hand, is designed to minimize potentially wine-spoiling vibrations. The same goes for humidity — but the other way around. A traditional fridge removes humidity during the cooling process, whereas a wine fridge maintains the level of humidity needed for wine’s maturation process (and protects the natural cork.) 

Water Damage Restoration In San Diego

Find a Leak?

A wine fridge leaking water typically has too much condensation in the cooler. That excess moisture in the wine fridge makes its way out through a gap around the door or floor of the wine fridge often causes condensation. This moisture can spill onto the cabinet, shelf, or floor and (over time) cause water damage to the materials. 

The water damage restoration experts at Marcco Floods will find, repair and restore any damage resulting from these leaks. Plus, the technicians will protect your home against mold that could grow in your home. 

General Best Practices

In order to reduce condensation on your wine cabinet, do the following:

  • Raise the temperature set-point to 59 degrees or above.
  • Build the thermal mass inside the cabinet to reduce the cycle time spent cooling the air in the empty space. If you don’t have enough wine bottles, use soda cans, water bottles.
  • Keep the first 3-4 rows clear in the column directly below the cold-air discharge (front column only). This will stop the cold air from “splashing” against the center post
  • If you’re using a bottle probe, which increases cycle times on and off, discontinue use until the temperature cools down.
  • Keep seals clean, make sure that there are no gaps or cracks.       

Manage Moisture

If you live in a more humid climate where condensation forms quickly, cut down on the amount of condensation by not  opening your wine fridge as often. Another solution is to lower the humidity inside; place a bowl of baking soda, a silica packet or calcium chloride packets in the wine fridge. (Sodium silica can absorb up to 40 times their weight in moisture.)

Check the Drainpipe

Another area you won’t want to overlook is the drainpipe. When the drain pipe is clogged, the wine fridge will not be able to get rid of the excessive condensation, which can lead to a leak. Before calling a plumber or the manufacturer, you can attempt to clear the clog by doing the following:

  • Remove the drainpipe from the wine fridge.
  • Use a snake to try and push the clog through the drainpipe.
  • Toss a few sprinkles of baking soda into the drainpipe.
  • Pour two cups of hot water down the drainpipe.
  • Check to see if the clog is gone. If not, repeat the process.

At this point, you might need an appliance repair call. Check your manufacturer’s warranty for additional support.         

A leaking wine fridge may seem like something to panic about, but the resulting water damage may cost more than the original fridge. Whenever you have an appliance failure that leads to water damage, call our water damage restoration experts. Marcco Flood Restoration’s team of trained and experienced professionals who will work tirelessly to restore your San Diego County property back to normal.

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