Water is Everywhere – What should I do?

No one expects to return from vacation to find a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen flooded with water. When water damge strikes the next steps matter.

Water damage is a unique challenge. It’s not just about cleaning up the visible water but identifying the source, revealing hidden moisture, determining water quality, and restoring the property to a safe environment. Keep in mind, what you see is only… The tip of the ice berg!

Here are some key steps you can take when water intrudes into your home:

  1. Act immediately to identify the source of the water damage.
  2. Remove as much standing water as possible and attempt to aerate the space.
  3. Open doors and windows to help reduce humidity.
  4. Notify your insurance agent.
  5. Seek professional help to prevent mold, especially if water has potentially damaged wood sub floors or wall cavities.
  6. Remember that professional water damage restoration services are can be a covered claim, and some policies provide limited coverage for mold remediation. IMPORTANT: Premiums do not cover Procrastination… Keep up on your home maintenance and avoid “out of pocket” costly repairs for water damage.

Be sure to review your policy with your insurance agent and follow the above steps.

SMART TIP: Review your policy with your agent annually. Acting quickly is the first line of defense in preventing further unnecessary damage to the property.

After taking steps to stop the problem, contacting a restoration professional is critical in determining the best course of action to restore your home. There are three different categories of water damage; Category 1, Category 2, & Category 3. Category 3 water damage is the most concerning because it can contain harmful agents, This is especially true if sewage water or toilet backflows are involved. For a category 3 water intrusion, you need to consult with professionals. Marcco Flood Restoration employs antimicrobial cleaning agents to ensure that toxic elements are removed from your property.

You cannot prevent the unknown but you can prepare how to respond. Half the battle is knowing what to do and who to call.

So, know who to call, Marcco Flood Restoration 619.596.5447. We’ll help with the second half of the battle.

Our specialty is eliminating the problem and restoring your home.

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